I'd Manyuu her Manyuus if you catch my drift

I'd Manyuu her Manyuus if you catch my drift

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Long live titcows threads.

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you lost me


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all i enjoy are flat chests or absolute titcows am i crazy or based

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Any Forums isnt gay enough to let this thread die right

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>flat chests or absolute titcows

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That should be Yor's canon size.

It will be after the pregnancy arc

Was about to mention that too.

Her sister is better in every conceivable way (even if flat)

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if you like milk then that's true


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>dat clevage and skull
Time Bokan, right?

Same with me but with age.

Time Bokan 24.


They don't play up her size that much but she's the bustiest of the Tatsunoko evil ladies, and the times she does bounce and jiggle might catch you off guard. Also the poke was from the second half of the second season so I guess even the animation staff were like "fuck it let's just do whatever we want"

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Is she really the bustiest? Do we know her canon cup size?