Delicious Party Precure

I love her design

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I'm excited for Ran.

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Who is best DP?

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Magnificent Queen...

should have been a girl

then kome wont have a husband

What the fuck, no

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>post-ST Precure
>mermaid shit

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Mad that no one cares about your trash thread?

Be nice to him...

>15 posts
>6 IPs (me included)
No one cares about your shitty samefag thread either.

I'm not nice to negative people.

Want me to post the numbers of your thread now?

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Where are the preview pics?

3 IPs and 3 posts. I'm not pathetic enough to samefag my own thread like you.
HG is a flop.
TR is a flop.
DP is a flop.
Your favorite season sucks.

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Getting this bit out of the way early for the new episode

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Why does it matter?
Why are you so angry on a Saturday evening on a little children's cartoon thread even?

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>Implying ST wasn't also a flop

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schizos out to ruin another livewatch day huh.

Pretty noticeable difference between ST and HG there.

Yeah, and he can't even blame it on Corona-chan

Doesn't make it less floppy.

Pretty noticeable difference between Hugtto and ST there.

Pretty noticeable difference between TR and DP there.

Gleamy Cures...

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Not as big as ST and HG. It's an almost 200,000,000 difference between the two.

>Your season flopped harder than mine xd
Nice backpedaling there.
ST was a flop.

Notice how the drop between ST and HG is literally the biggest drop in Precure history since HC/Suite (both successful seasons)?

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My God, Suite flopped HARD.

who cares, you're not a fan. You don't spam this sales chart shit out of genuine concern for the franchise, you just want to shitpost people who like the show, get a life