Tora! Tora! Tora!

Tora! Tora! Tora!

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impregnatora the tora!

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Have vaginal sex with taiga while she is pregnant!

Her ass is too small. It should be like pic related

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I love how she has a chest as flat as a board. Nothing better than an insecure, legal loli

There are so many awful taiga cosplays including fat girls and just about every Asian attempt. But somehow this girl nailed it

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Fkn cloud posting

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Because you have shit taste


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>this girl nailed it

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Taiga is sexy!

very erotic

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You believe in smol supremacy, right Any Forums?
Any woman over 5'2 ain't worth shit.

Fuck off and kill yourself

I agree. My waifu is 5'1

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Lmao there is nothing erotic about that pic.
Might as well be a boy you gigafaggot.

roasties getting toasty
coast to coastie

For me, it's Louise. Also I don't know what you did to this guy but some paranoid schizo was accusing everyone of being you the other day.

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why is she pulling her skirt back with that expression on her face??

Giving Louise hundreds of children

He's still going at me today. Must have got someone mad.

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She's waiting for a reaction so she can belittle you in French. Don't fall for it.

I knew it, but how do you hide a boner

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The smile of a woman who loves getting dicked in her shitter.