Dragon Ball Super

What would happen if both Brolys fused?

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They'd still be weaker than Frieza.

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They'd job.

KINObros and ANONbros, I call you to arms!
We will NOT let the Belgian scum censor us! We will reclaim our words!
Who is with me?

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The ultimate jobber would be porn. His jobbing would be limitless.

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My arm is tingling...

>He watches cartoons in a FOREIGN language
>He wants Goku to sound like a GRANDMA
>He wants muscled alpha men to have EFFEMINATE voices
>He wants power up screams to sound like a DYING CAT
>He wants archaic boring godzilla tunes to an ACTION show

Imagine having this much shit taste.
I pity subfags.

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>They'd still be w-ACK!

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You're alone, BITCH.
I told you to stop using those words.
BOOM. Image of a character that looks angry.

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>The ultimate jobber would be porn.
The b and the p keys aren't even near each other on the keyboard, how do you even make this mistake?

Kino? Kino.
user? user.
I? Win.
Ka? Boom.


The ultimate jobber WOULD be porn though

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GT Pan has such a cute and unique design. It should definitely make a return.

Subbros... Our response?

He looks like a total queer in that pic.

I can't stress this enough.. Filler is IMPORTANT to having good pace and character development.

Mangafags don't understand PACING. Anime is a different medium, you can't just copy+paste the manga into animation and call it a day.
It will feel rushed and inorganic. This is why Kai is soulless compared to the original Funimation dub. Because it tries to stay "faithful" to the manga instead of story-building upon it and having characters interact with eachother organically in occasional day-to-day moments.

Yeah there's some bullshit detours like Goku falling into HFIL and Fake Namek, but then there's
>Gohan and the Robot
>Princess Snake
>Ginyu swapping body with Bulma
>Gohan vs Final Form Frieza
>Gohan vs Vegeta
>Yamcha/Tien vs Ginyu Force
>Vegeta looking for Goku in space
>Goku & Piccolo driving cars
>Yamcha trying x300 gravity training
>Goku in Other World Tournament
>Gohan dating Angela
>Party after Kid Buu's death
..and more that I can't come up with now.
The vast majority of DBZ filler is great, especially if it expands upon lore like the Other World saga (and I'd even throw in Fusion Reborn) which I consider crucial to have a better grasp on the Buu Saga since it's so heavy on afterlife shit.

Sadly this is also why Gohan was the biggest bait and switch in history. Literally anything that made Gohan a character was filler only. And in the original broadcast of Z, this includes one line sentences that are slipped in here and there to subtly pad things out in a natural way. Everything that made the buildup to Cell feel legitimate was only part of the anime. Manga he's just some random kid with no personality except an explosive temper, and his victory comes out of nowhere. No wonder Toriyama didn't see his MC potential.

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Pasta? Archived.

>He watches cartoons in a FOREIGN language.
My native language doesn't have a dub. Or atleast a dub I can find.


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Yeah, it looks like Digimon.

Every time I see a copy pasta, I raise my middle finger to the screen. F you pasta posters!

I already watched it in belgian dub, I didn't like the English dub, why would I watch it?

SHARTku lost.

Oh yeah? BOOM.

No... NOOOOOO!!!

MIERDAku perished.

>Super is canon!
Gohan is the strongest.

>SHITper isn't canon!
Gohan is still the strongest.

>The series ended with the Cell Saga, it was the best conclusion!
Gohan is STILL the strongest.


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It would've been so cool if Bejita defeated a main antagonist like this. When was the last time he defeated a somewhat relevant fighter? Toppo?

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Here is the Belgian's contribution to the general:
>trying to police what people say
>samefagging constantly
>not letting anyone forget the old Jirenfags by parroting them
>dishonest laughing with "Kek."
>spamming with a pass
>desperately trying to get attention off others' posts
Do you like him?

>he's pretending to be the rukiatranny again

The series ended with the Frieza arc. BOOM.

>GT is canon
How do you respond to that?

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The Belgian WARPED you.

As a Jirenbro, I WISH Rukia would piss in my face. She's so kawaii...

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I do.

I rainbowed her.


Well... shit...

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when he fought WEAKly, but you're gonna have to stretch the meaning of the word 'relevant' there

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>upholding the legacy of the Jirenscholars of old and doing the work of the wardens
>asserting his dominance through spam (as we have always done)

Ba? sed.
You on the other hand, are erasing our culture.
Disgusting moerat.

Dragon Ball? Rejected.

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No, I don't like him.


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>The series ended with th-SLCOOOHRRRRRRP

It's funny to remember how everyone in the threads kept spamming that Bejita would job to Broly when we had the trailers and it turned out Goku was the one to job.

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Bring me the Belgian.

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Gohan didn't have ultimate in GT nor did he train, if he did he'd still be the strongest.

>Another episode of the Bejitabro conveniently forgetting Bejita got surpassed within seconds.

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Ah yes, the Namek Saga where Gohan & Krillin are the main characters.

G & K.

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Pan? Weak


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Renny roo? The roodiest of roos?

Exterminate them.

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That's a slick looking Jiren.

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