Is Thunderbolt Fantasy worth watching? It looks bizarre

Is Thunderbolt Fantasy worth watching? It looks bizarre.

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>Is Thunderbolt Fantasy worth watching?
>It looks bizarre.
The puppets get some time getting used to, and there's some pretty notable CG in season 1 (like the giant golem). It's also wuxia so that may not be your cup of tea.

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It's fucking amazing, not even trying to bait.

Does it matter what language you watch it in? I see there's a Taiwanese dub which sounds interesting.

its kino

just finished 1st season, yes very good if cliche. the fact that they are puppets adds a lot of charm.

I don't think they keep doing a taiwan dub after s1

Never watched the Taiwanese dub, but the Japanese dub has A-listers and also Sayaka Ohara.

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how's the manga?

Anime of the year and best work of the butcher.

It's OK. It reads like a first draft of the story. There's a few things in there that aren't in the final product that were likely cut either for time or for clashing with the tone of the rest of the show.

The torture scene in particular felt really out of place, which is probably why it isn't in the show.

Not that great aside from big demon tits, stick with the puppets

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Its really good, definitely my favourite thing Urobutcher's done and its also Sawano's best and most interesting soundtrack. I highly recommend it.

I like it.

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Yeah - Go in with expectation that there are great pay offs at the end of S1 in the last 2-3 episodes.

S1 has a few scenes with ropey CGI but just a great series really.

What do her femcel armpits smell like Any Forums?

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Check it out, it's great. The practical effects are delightful.

I usually hear the Japanese dub is better. Is the Taiwanese dub voiced by one guy, per tradition?
>mostly yes except the women, going by Wikipedia

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>armpit fags
I can't decide if they're worse than feet fags

Footfags are always the worst. But pitfags are too vocal for their own good

If you watched and enjoyed Rokka no Sales you'll probably like S1 as they are similr due to TWEESTs. The movies and S2 and beyond are kino

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why don't they make an anime of it?

It's a better Chinese looking stuff than 99.99% of stuffs that came out of mainland China nowadays

I don't think wuxia would sell well as an anime, most non-isekai fantasy animes don't get popular nowadays, also the character designs (more specifically their clothing) are way too detailed and would probably have to simplified for an anime adaption. Urobuchi also wrote Thunderbolt Fantasy after getting interested in the Taiwanese puppetry and reached out to them to do a collab.

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>why don't they make an anime of it?
The designs would be impossible to animate due to how much a clusterfuck they are