Would you?

Would you?

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Absolutely not.

I would marry her just to save on a gasoline

I would, but I'd be having a lot more fun then she would

riding a centaur is a hate crime in that universe

I would've been mythical four-limbed creature there so i guess i'll get a free pass on that

It doesn't matter how hot she is, you are fucking a horse.

does she have another set of organs down there or what

I would bully her for having a weird pussy.

I didn't hate this series.
It went fucking bananas after the aliens and frog vietnam but it still had its cute moments, I just can't imagine how horrible it would have been following it on release rather than a batch.

Kind of wish it didn't flip randomly between stories though, also was a bit jarring to see the Chi's in the later chapters as it seems to timeskip months at a bit with no warning..
Also maybe this is just me but I couldn't keep track of side characters like the lesbian that almost got assassinated.

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nah you would just be kidnapped and kept as a tool by the Antarcticans like the Tigertaurs

Worship her ponut? Yes.

Holy shit and I thought the Chis were sexy before.

Do horse girls really?

The bottom half puts me off

Just wait till you hit the time travel chapters

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Nope, whorse a shit, only snex for me

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No. Her cousin however...

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>Would you?
Of course, Hime is a sweet young lady; and I could try some horse pussy without it being bestiality. I'm no angel, but I'll do my best in her.

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>newest volume has Chi-chan undies in it
>hasn't been ripped yet

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