Tedama ni Toritai Kurokiya-san

Are you ready for more P R E C I O U S N E S S Any Forums?

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Haha funny faces and big gyaru tiddies

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No one cares for some good wholesome romcom with no bullshit drama?

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Gimme more gyaru

Shikimori was like that and only attracted 1 obsessed shitposter

I shall oblige

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I saw some previews of this and the MC didn't grab me. Does he even have a personality?

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Gyaru nurse in a gyaru hospital.

Happiest place on earth?

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At least post the last pages since there is some actual progress in their relationship.

Things do seem to be progressing.
Will we get some preciousness anons?

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>Tfw no pure gyaru gf to wipe my sweat

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What's it smell like?

Wipe the dick? yes/no

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>gf to wipe my sweat
Damn it Hosaka, Minami Haruka will never accept you.

Can Kurokiya resist the straight man?

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God damn fat gyaru titties so big they hang over the panel!

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Classic nose bleed

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Doesn't seem like anything much is gonna happen this chap-

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Also just noticed the big fat gyaru TITS in the previous page.

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And that's the last page.
What do you think will come of this?

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