Lycoris Recoil

Joker the jobber.

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Cool kick, what happens after that?

Daily reminder that Yuri always win.

fuck i need to met majima and ask him what's her panties looked like

Rate Takina's ENTER

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never wins*

Majima needs to stop hitting on lesbians.

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It feels like some of you guys watch this show without subs with the way you react.

>Took a kick from a girl that broke through metal and was unfazed

Why is Takina so weak against the Joker?

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Both of these are incorrect.

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i don't need subs since i am fluent in japanese

Its 2022 and the Japanese still can't just run their text through a spellchecker

Takinacucks hyping the jobber who ended up jobbing again are just pitiful at this point

Pick your background waifu (before they all die)

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Takina confirmed alpha

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>Doesn't post what happens after this

Chisato couldnt kill her future husband. She loves him too much to do that even if he killed a bunch of people. What a loyal wife she is.

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This girl has seen some shit

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LycoReco is #7 anime now. Please ghost vote to increase the rank.

I spit on DA

The DA has a Brap Squad?

The shining light.

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That's a lot of names. Anybody able to run them through a translator?