Mushoku Tensei

Name a better duo
protip you can't

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not for long.

I love Laura’s design.
You can really see the Rudeus/human genes.
I like it much better than a migger copy.


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These two adventuring would have been fun, a shame that they go their separate ways

Fun Fact: This art contains two canon incestuous couples.

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>my peepee is getting hard when I can feel your big boobas touching my back
>>ara ara
>>my sweet little Ars
>and it also gets really hard when you wash my peepee in the bath
>>ara ara

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Roxy's offsprings do look like her clones.

did he fucked up on ars eye colors?
im sure there is a quote of rudeus saying he had red eyes just like eris

Might not be the case in the light novel version.

Three if you count every time Rudy "accidentally" fucked Lara thinking she was Roxy.

Sieghart doesn't want adventures with a female blue-haired shorty like his sister.
He wants to adventure with a male blue-haired shorty like his best bro Pax II..

we gonna find out next month
i know this cause i edited this line to make then green to win a argument few months back

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>haha it was just a prank

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bros before hoes just like his dad

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Perhaps the eyes like Eris is meant to be that he has her sharp-looking gaze, not necessarily the same eye color.

This is still Lilia's fault. She made Aisha lust for Rudy so hard that when he didn't dick her she was left looking for the closest thing- his son.

lillia looks so fat and old
zenith looks sick, not old

Lily looks kinda taller than her sister Christina, despite being born around the same time, and her little sister being a pure-blooded human.
But who knows, it might just be a perception thing.

>kids with ahoge
Lucy, Laura, Christina
>non-ahoge kids
Ars, Sieghard, Lily

How is that possible?
All their parents have an ahoge. It should have been handed down as well.

he has 4

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Meanwhile in her POV she said she wasn't interested in Rudeus to begin with. What a cop out

Yes user old people look old and if I remember correctly zenith doesn't look old thanks to being trapped in that crystal