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So what are the Seraphim? Clearly King's ancient forgotten race right? So this would also mean they have his insane durability.

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One thing is being able to replicate DF powers, but how did they replicate Mihawk's sword skills? Vegapunk is too OP

>what are the Seraphim
Vegapunk going for the genetic engineering route instead of the android route when building the new Pacifista model.
>Clearly King's ancient forgotten race right
Also Shichibukai's DNA mixed into it.


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Reminder Tashigi sent the kids to Vegapunk and now we've seen new Vegapunk robots that are literal child soldiers.

She always has to fuck it up, doesn't she?

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Enhanced clones.

Do you fags play Treasure Cruise? I started today. Any tips?

Can I get Uta, Carrot, Rebecca and Marguerite? I want them.

>everyone forgot Kiku's birthday yesterday.
how could you /opg/

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so do we have any knowledge of what an awakened logia would look like? some fags considered crocodile an awakened logia user but then again it has never been confirmed

kids were still with her last time.

Imagine sucking Zoro's cock

hopefully we'll have a dressrosa sized arc next :)

>No Lunarian/Sky race strawhat

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Can someone tell me what the fuck this spells out.

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>So what are the Seraphim?

An excuse for Oda to bring in all the kid versions from the SBS without having to actually write a decent backstory.

it permanently changed the enviroment? I consider akainu and aokiji an awakened logia

so what do you guys think Vegapunk will end up being as a character? just an antisocial and autistic guy closed in a lab, an actual evil scientist sperimenting on children ,a goofy asshole?

Post Cute and Canon

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How would you label Luffy's transformations as a zoan user?

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I believe in Carrot

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Hnngggg that's a good Uta.

As of Film Red the kids are still with Tashigi and Smoker and they haven’t made it to Vegapunk yet.

>brown boa hancock loli
Oda is really going all out, huh

I'm tired of believing

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they were only able to survive for a few years longer anyway

Dang whats taking them so long?


bound point
snake point
god point

it's a Mythical, don't have to explain shit

Then don’t.

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Apologize, OPtards

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that's the suspicious part, it would mean, assuming there are mass produced Mihawk seraphim, that there's more than one "world's greatest swordsman" now but maybe this is so Oda can fodderize them in the future to show how strong Zoro has come if hes taking out Mihawk clones easily

Bonney next chapter

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Cute boy

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How the fuck is Seraphim Doffy gonna fight?

Fuck the Celestial Dragon/Noble
Sabo did nothing wrong

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jinbes bounty should be 1.6 billion like hancock and croc
wtf is oda doing

The end product of MADS research.
Cloning, lineage factor, cyborg shit. Everything worked upon.

Morj believes Yamato will join later…it’s over..,

Yamato will not join because she is not a real character.

They will all have a faulty version of their devil fruits

It's too late

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why do you keep posting random naruto pages

>Can't use red laser
>Can't use electricity
>Can't use poison
>Can't turn invisible
Is Vegapunk a fraud?

naruto and one piece are equally cringe

Boa? the next strawhat and the wife on the next pirate king.

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>low bounty
Jinbe's fault for joining the strawhats

it's a final nail in the coffin for her then

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he also believed that the raid is going to fail


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i like one piece more

why is zoro look disappointed?

How how long it took and how many times Luffy got knocked out, it might as well have failed and been restarted.

Is there a single SH who didn't get worse post ts

Like Paulie, only with steel wires instead of rope

Stop this heretic talk, user oni-chan.
Accept Imu-sama as the one true God and submit to the World Government.

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Shame about that Fishman Island outfit becoming his default image though.

Yes, only Hancock can put up with Luffy's selfishness and lunaschizo doesn't realize that nami will just be an abusive, manipulative bitch in a relationship with Luffy.

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Pretty sure the kids from Punk Hazard have nothing to do with the Seraphim.

The kids are all safe.

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How the fuck are they still sailing to Marineford? Aren't it and Punk Hazards both around the beginning of the new world?

PLEASE oda keep the warlord ac going and show Doffy's updated bounty and see him busting out impel down so we can complete all the warlord bounties.

well Hyori does looks like she has a down syndrome

King daughter is cute

Sure, let’s talk about it after an intense night of sex.

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would Boa's powers work against a rock logia

His "wife" slept and had sex with the guys who killed her family. During 20 years.

She is a living piece of shit, so, yeah, he is not very happy.


there's only rock paramecia but if it hypothetically exists then i doubt it

man amoung the warlords moriah and kuma are the two got shitted on and is clearly isn't oda's favorite and weevil is a literal who with no hype on him at all.