Kill La Kill

Ryuko or Satsuki which one comes out on top

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They take turns, obviously.

A real shame this show gets shit on. It was so good. Solid underlying theme too. It just proves the sad fact that if your show has lots of violence and sexual imagery then it'll always be considered a lowbrow show no matter how deep the themes the show covers

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What was the theme besides
>fashion = fascism (fash = fash)

I honestly don't feel like writing something up for a dead thread. Try rewatching the show while asking yourself why things are portrayed in certain ways. Play close attention to the main character's development throughout the story.

>Kill la Kill All-Night Screening + Talk show
Fuck I wish I was in Japan.

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what a massive amount of words that basically boil down to this part of the post.
>it’s “coming of age” narrative and its heavy dose of social commentary (especially concerning themes of emancipation and resistance against authority).

It's also kind of funny how this post starts off with "I don't wanna do too much analysis. I'll let the story speak for itself". and then he does a lot of analysis.

but yeah I guess for the most part I agree. It's a coming of age story. It's crazy to me people don't see this when they watch the show. I mean ryuko constantly being embarrassed by and later accepting and feeling empowered by her sexuality. Fighting against the overarching power structure and finding her own place in the world. The "don't lose your wayyyyy" music blaring constantly. The choice to make this all play out at school. Where kids graduate into adulthood. Cmon. it's fucking obvious. It's a story about a girl coming to terms with who she is, what her place is in the world, and just growing up.

Ryuuko (coldfibers mode)

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she should've kissed satsuki, not nui

Surprisingly, Satsuki would be the bottom.

Satsuki tops tuesdays, Ryuuko fridays

My nigga you just posted a paragraph talking about how nobody notices the single most obvious "theme" in Kill la Kill. Everybody and their mothers know it's a coming of age story, even the "it's just coombait" fags. Basically any story involving teenagers is 9/10 a coming of age story. I thought you had something else in mind. The "fashion is fascism" shit is way more interesting than what you just posted. At least it's wild and provocative.


>Everybody and their mothers know it's a coming of age story
it actually funny you posted this because a few months ago when I said the same thing in another kill la kill thread I got about 30 responses saying kill la kill wasn't a coming of age story and that it was just "wacky anime bullshit" with coomer bait. So no, not everyone agrees on this very simple premise.

if you want something deeper though, go ahead and read that guys huge essay. he touches on the freedom aspect there. The whole rejection of cultural norms and hierarchy and all that. I just think ryuko's personal story is more interesting because I think most people agree freedom is a good thing. I guess you can make the point the anime is singling out fashion/clothing and hierarchy as being huge factors in limiting our personal freedoms. There are probably dozens of ways you could deconstruct this anime but I think at its heart tying everything together is the coming of age story. That's what's taking center stage here.

>opening teases Junketsu super form
>only happens in a non-canon video game

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she should've kissed me, not nui

The show itself posits that Satsukis ass and tits are desirable and above average in quality. Meanwhile Ryuko only has her ass going for her.

tits vs ass

Ryuko tops Satsuki in bed.

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