Resting in Aqua's sweet thighs!

Resting in Aqua's sweet thighs!

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Wiz's was better

is Kazuma gay?

Aqua is better in every way to megumeme

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Aqua is a cunt, and megu is a child. Dorkness is where it's at.

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built for mitsuboshiL

i wanna rest in yunyuns breasts

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>is Kazuma gay?
His sexual fantasy is (understandably) best girl Darkness, and he is terrified by Sylvia's rockhard member, so no.

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To be fair, he witnessed her doing a bunch of vile things in the beginning, not to mention how often she tries to fuck him over and how she laughed at his death.

You do mean Lalatina?

Why does Aqua take baths. Doesn't her body fluids automagically get purified.

Breastfeeding with Aqua! Drinking Aqua's piss!

I don't hate on Aqua fags like I do the Darknessfags, but my biggest issue with Aqua is that she has yet to show any sexual interest in anything. Maybe goddesses lack limbido.

>Why does the water goddess love being in water?

Like with all series the protagonist is supposed to be our self-insert character and is used as a vehicle to explain to us how the world works. Aqua has shown zero interest in Kazuma, so by extension she's shown zero interest in us the viewer. Shipping them as a couple is pure cope and fanfiction. Aqua seems to only think of Kazuma as a means to an end i.e., a tool she can use to achieve her objectives. Megumin and Darkness by contrast have shown romantic and sexual interest in Kazuma. Aqua should be considered a friend.

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He's a lolineet. Aqua-sama is superior in any aspect.

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I wanna marry Yunyun

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I want to piss and aqua's ass, have her purify my piss into potable water, and have her enema it into my mouth.

Nature's Beauty!

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>ywn never marry this cutie

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