You come back from school on a hot summer evening and turn the tv on and this plays

You come back from school on a hot summer evening and turn the tv on and this plays

Tears to Tiara same time as Japan. Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood same week as Japan. Haruhi Suzumiya Season 2, highly anticipated and bound to blow your mind. Bleach, the global phenomenon. That Fairy Tail looks interesting too. You don't have a choice between dub or sub so you watch whatever is on. What's your favourite show?

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I remember when Animax would make a big deal about their "same time as Japan" shows and more often than not the shows they did get (like Tears to Tiara and Coppelion) were utter crap. What were they thinking?


I remember them hyping that up so hard and it ended up being a fucking disappointment. I can't believe that was 15 years ago.

One thing I'm grateful for was the unedited dub of Cardcaptor Sakura(yes it exists). The voice acting was probably not up to standard but I as a kid I couldn't tell the difference. Either way I got the full CCS experience on my first watch in a language that I could at least partially understand and I'm thankful for that.

Also Thanks for introducing me to Ranma 1/2 and YYH.

It was a big deal back then.Later generations will never understand the 2000s watershed that separated conventional media consumption from Netflix/Crunchyroll

Back then I used to joke to myself that if Animax was simulcasting an anime, that was a red flag rather than a good omen.

I remember they continued shilling it even after it failed, so much so they made a sequel (LaMB redux)

I never knew what LaMB even was.
I just liked the Simple Plan song.

Animax in Latin America was shite. To make matters worse, it also killed Locomotion, a far superior channel.

Coming across this video on youtube and being hit by the nostalgia unironically made me tear up for a minute.

It was surprising how instantly I recognised this short PV.

It was relatively good in India especially compared to the barrage of low-quality kiddie shite produced locally. Sadly the channel was shut down in 2017. RIP ;_;7

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I don't remember there being a sequel. Or are you talking about the version where they combined the two parts into one?

for me it's the fullmetal alchemist brotherhood promo

beats me. i just remember the name, never got around to watching it

It was already a dead corpse by then.
Remember that weird fucking phase when Animax were showing live action series from FX like Supernatural. Insanity.

Early Animax with the green and blue logo was pure kino and a couple phases following it with the pure blue logo was also pretty good.
I fondly remember the animax music segments between shows.

, kid.

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It's a pity that Sony still refuses to reuse the Animax/Locomotion dubs they own despite also owning Funimation and Crunchyroll. Don't get me wrong, Animax dubs were mostly shite, but there's no reason to not keep them around.

I remember there was a summer when the logo was red and white. Don't remember the year though.

their Hayate dub was pretty good.

It was cringe back then but now it's sovl

I unironically learnt English from reading subs on Animax.