Highschool DxD

Rias makes me feel funny

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we know Cody

anything interesting going on in the LN?

Does the average Any Forumsnon know Cody?

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probably not a lot /sp/ Any Forums overlap

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She's underage

Im sorry you have shit taste.

is the third(?) season worth watching for purely /e/ reasons?
I stopped paying attention when I saw it was by a different studio.

Boco!? I thought you liked rias!

I wouldn't fuck this bitch with a rented dick.

idk user i wouldn't fuck demons if I could avoid it

There's much better ecchi anime out there.

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bad taste user, rias made me feel funny in 6th grade and i've since matured

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Is that a cat?

Rossi's better


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Those are some big cat boobs.

itty bitty kitty titties are best

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nothing like some large neko oppai

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