Do people actually enjoy light novels unironically?

Like do people really read a bunch of words and enjoy it more than a fully voiced and animated show or even a manga with nice artstyle? Specially the people that say they enjoy the LN more than the anime adaption are they being serious or ironic?

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Yes, unironically.
Why are westoids so allergic to reading?.

you sound like an npc with no mind's eye or internal monologue
read a book for once in your sad life

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The are advantages on visual media, like the fact that if other people retell you story they have to made clear that they are going to depict the character with their own interpretation. A visual rapresentation of character made it clear how it should be looking, they can play like they do with text.

Reading literature is one thing but LNs aren't literature. They are just scripts for a potential anime or manga. That's what you're reading, scripts, so get off your high horse you dumbshit zoomer and pick up an actual book.

I mean your rationale is poor, but light novels are truly trash-tier literature. They're poorly constructed combinations of screenplays and descriptive story boards, authored so poorly as to have almost no character nuance. I don't think I've read a single LN that I've thought was actually good.

God damn. You were like half a post away from not being an obnoxious retard.

yeah, I enjoy them, especially amateur naroushit
reading it in nip makes it a bit less cringe

the problem with LNs isn't that there's too many words, but that it reads like shit
be it nippon's particular syntax, genre conventions, or shitty translations; but what few LNs i've seen are written very poorly
those stories are scripts to an anime that doesn't exist, instead of a properly written prose
it's just neverending back n forth between characters (with no elaboration on who's speaking) or autistic rambling (posing as monologue), there's 0 fucking flavour

post what you think is "real literature" so we all can laugh at you
i know you won't bitch, or will run away after posting a meme answer

Is it pride month again already?

>people enjoy thing?

OP is right. Being subjugated to anything more than 140 letters per post is a nightmare

Yes. White people tend to be retarded

How old and what gender?
Do you know what imagination is?

Yes, but I couldn't imagine reading them translated and formatted like that.

Only a few of them. I prefer non-fiction books and most LNs are badly written as you say.

Favorite LN?

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Mine is HakoMari. Anime never. And that's good.

Mushoku Tensei, favorite fantasy story since ASOIAF
Apparently I'm doing it backwards since I've been using shows I liked to find LNs/books to read.
I've given every popular isekai anime's ln a shot but MT and konosuba were the only two that I enjoyed enough to stick with to the end (+sidestories ofc)

Make fun of my taste if you want you can't stop me from eating garbage and enjoying it.

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wiz biz

Harry Potter.

>Mushoku Tensei.
To laugh at you for eating garbage you first have to actually eat garbage.
You're eating the entry level stuff of entry level stuff, that barely counts as drinking water.

Green Eggs and Ham.

This is an ANIME and MANGA board, go the fuck back to /jp/ already you fucking wastes of oxygen.