Lycoris Recoil


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marrying, deyurifing with the power penis and nakadashi and impregnating the lycoris's girls!
imagine all those nakadashis and their mind thinking about being manhandled by a men and how they are gonna be pregnant now.

Imagine being Majima and getting a glimpse of Takina's boxers

Majima will impregnate Chisato

Yuri will win against het disgusting.

good battle

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Didn't watch this because of the nigger.

>lovers quarrel

Takina showed Majima her pantsu. What a slut!

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Why does it look cute even though it is not supposed to be cute?

She actually perfectly hid them from him only to show them to Chisato

He could barely do any damage to Chisato. He's gonna get steamrolled next episode now that they're two of them.

But she's wearing boxers

How do you feel about the fact everyone can easily recognize your posts and know that you are the only person who acts like this?

He definitely saw them before the kick landed.


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I kneel, YuriCHAD.

>He does not know.

Problem is that you can't do anything about him and his shitposting.
We just need to live with him for episode longer and he will be dealt with.

You know she never wears boxer anymore, right?