What happened to mecha shows?

What happened to mecha shows?

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Eva and TTGL. Normalfags watch those two shows and think 'mecha is over, everything else is unnecessary'.

I dont think that, I freaking love the mecha genre. I'm just saying that the genre isn't as popular as it used to be.

There are new Mecha shows that are popular like 86 so they're not dead yet

Mecha is a dead genre because you can only go two ways with it
an artistic statement(Eva/GL)
a garbage war/isekai (Knights and magic/86)
unless someone can break the form don't expect mecha for a while

Mecha is still around, in fact we're even getting a new Gundam series in a month.
I'd even wager that once Gundam Evolution releases later this month, there will be a surge of interest in the Mecha genre thanks to influencers bringing attention to the game.

nobody listens to kids on YouTube zoom zoom

Isn't a new Gundam coming out this season

I think the sci-fi genre was clearly in a boom during the 80s, and so it makes sense that as time passes things would settle down. They still make mecha anime, but personally I don't watch much of it because I don't like the CGI. I liked the Gridman shows though. Didn't bother with 86. There was a new Getter Robo anime recently. Heard good things about Back Arrow. New Gundam on the horizon.

>no mention of Megaton Musashi
It's a fun show with some Getter influences. It's getting a season 2 as well.

Still relevant but not as good as it used to be like most other genres. Most mecha shows now don't even try to be unique and just copy nge or gundam.

The answer is very simple. Mecha is essentially an expensive toy commercial. Kids these days don't buy toys which means less revenue for a mecha show which means no incentive to make a mecha show.

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Gunpla has made the most money it has in years last quarter beating out dragon ball and wan piss in revenue.

Yes, they listen to random Any Forums man Instead

Mecha reached its creative ceiling and there is nothing else left to be done with it.
On top of that audiences realized that the concept is too stupid to suspend your disbelief.

There is a new Gundam tv show literally airing in like a month.


nobody cares about ttgl

all i know is that gundam died with shit writing. every fucking show understanding garbage. the last one that didn't do that was ibo, which managed to be even worse

then there's filler garbage like the toy ones and whatnot. last half decent gundam was 00 season fucking 1

*Go Nagai

Redditors do.

gurren lagann is in no way an artistic statement, it's just a throwback to old mecha anime

maybe 15 years ago

redditors now aren't old enough to remember ttgl

I've never heard of it, but I'll keep a look out. Thanks for the recommendation!

When does Muv Luv start airing again? October?

Just because one company is doing well that doesn't mean the entire genre is doing well too. If we are truly in a mecha boom then we'd be seeing more mecha right now.

We get multiple mecha series every year.

It aired during a season filled with mecha shows like Dynazenon and 86 (Vivy as well I think) so it really flew under the radar.

None of those are mecha.

Macross is the only good mecha now.

Dynazenon is 100% a super robot show and the closest thing we've got since Gurren Lagann to being a GaoGaiGar successor