Extreme Hearts

The New Episode of E Hearts will be airing soon marking the start of yet another Extreme Idol Sunday!

Kicking things off with yours truly followed by Waccha in the morning, Love Live! Superstar in primetime and L Witches late at night.

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2022年10月21日(金)22:00~27:30 全話一挙放送
Anyone gonna watch Extreme Marathon?

We are losing viewers and even hardcore fans to other yuri shows...


Hello =))

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You mean other shows, yuri looks like picrel, not heterosexual girls fighting green haired faggot

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The Light Novel apparently tipped the scale

nah, it's the same delusions from before, girls kicking each other is not yuri

Henlo, Fren

>she so weak
>but I have to protect them
do women really?

Why is she doing this to Sa-chan? Just because she became an Idol doesn't mean she has to sleep around.

gay people are promiscuous

Just wait for her to learn everyone wants Sa-Chan for themselves and you will get the yandere Hiyori arc

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It must be really hard for ya to dig out all the fan art from the Internet ~


extreme sex

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mosh mosh

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