How would you modernize Manga?

The Webtoon format has surpassed Manga in worldwide popularity. Young people mainly use phones to surf the internet and comics are going digital. I fear that in a decade or so manga companies in Japan will focus their resources on the vertical format instead of Manga. What can Manga do to become more accessible to a new generation of mobile only users?

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>What can Manga do to become more accessible to a new generation of mobile only users?
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Because Manga isn't made for reading on mobile devices and younger people like the Webtoon format more. Manga is much more of a hassle to read on mobile than the Webtoon format.

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Start publishing manga vertically like webtoons.
That might make physical copies difficult, but just phase out magazines in favor of scrolls.

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Why do people claim manga is hard to read on mobile its perfect fine

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You have to zoom in to read text and observe details sometimes.

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>Manga is much more of a hassle to read on mobile
No, it isn't. I read every manga on mobile.

Who cares about worlwide popularity?
An insular market where foreign sales are an aftertought is what forged the anime and manga I like. Everytime the industry tries to go global they produce soulless garbage.

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most online manga readers have a vertical scrolling option and it works perfectly fine, there's really no need to change especially since a lot of manga is still being published in physical formats