How far along the production timeline is considered "core gundam"?

How far along the production timeline is considered "core gundam"?
I am doing a watch of the classics and have chosen 0079, Zeta, ZZ, and Char's Counter Attack.
I am wondering if I need any others in order to get the full early period, so should I do Origins or other shows too?

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Any Gundam pre-2000 is worth at least trying. Don't bother with shit like Origin, Unicorn, or Thunderbolt, it's abhorrent garbage.

>I am doing a watch of the classics and have chosen 0079, Zeta, ZZ, and Char's Counter Attack.
That's it right there. After that is F91 and Victory for the Tomino Late UC stuff, but after you've watched the stuff on your list I'd say that you should feel free to branch out from there. F91 and Victory are definitely worth watching, but their characters, plots and themes aren't referenced, deconstructed or otherwise played with to anywhere near the extent that the ones from 0079-CCA are in other entries.

Turn A is the max you should do in terms of production timeline and it helps that it is a reasonable cap off for Gundam in terms of chronology too. Origins is not the early period it is what Yas envisions Gundam as. He also hates everything after the original Gundam and is not as good as Tomino as a director. Essentially do: 0079, Zeta, ZZ, CCA, F91, V and Turn A. If you want non UC, G and Wing are cool but watch before Turn A.

This. All of those series are tourist traps. Origins, Thunderbolt and other such OVA poisoned Gundam discourse. Certain pre 2000s OVA also had this effect such as the faggot magnet known as 08th MS Team. Having things like Unicorn as optional supplements rather than being taken as a mandatory core really cleans up the experience.

Try every Tomino Gundam first, yes that includes G-reco which has the setting on the far future after the end of UC. After that you can do whatever.
I personally don't rate AU Gundam, they lack that idiosyncratic and chaotic nature in Tomino Gundam, it's like if it didn't have Gundam name, it could be another dime-a-dozen generic Mecha anime.

You got it right there. These four are the very foundation of Gundam. After those you can go wherever you want.

>0079, Zeta, ZZ, and Char's Counter Attack.
that's it
after that watch whatever gundam you want

Those are the core classics. Everything else is unnecessary, but if you must I would say 0080, G Gundam, and Turn A.
-0080 is the first OVA series and has the best anti-war message in the series. Watch it around Christmas for the best results.
-G Gundam is the first AU, it's the Olympics with Gundams, extremely not like military weapons but still very entertaining.
-Turn A is a far future Gundam series by Tomino that was created as an 'end' of Gundam. It's also different in tone and mood, less action & more atmospheric, and it tries to imagine all Gundam series as past wars over thousands of years and really leans into human history as a devastating cycle of violence on repeat.

The only other one i'd say you could watch is SEED, but not because it's a classic but because it basically revived Gundam in Japan and had an impact on the rest of anime in the 2000s and even into the 2010s.

You don't have to watch ZZ.

I love tourism justification

What does ZZ add? Mind you we already told him not to watch Unicorn.

Only AU you need is G Gundam. All others watch only if it catches your interest.

If what you are watching doesn't feel gay as fuck, you stopped watching core Gundam

For the simple reason of completion? The whole point of watching the core Gundam series is lost if you pick and choose the core itself.

It ends the arc of the female mc started in the previous series. It has the best mobile suit design in the series. It has very entertaining villains. It completes the cyber newtype established prior with the best addition. It shows how Tomino improves with each MC he makes (Gundam). Actually shows the feds are retarded on a higher level than shown prior. Shows the conclusion to a prominent character who was introduced in the previous series. Made me like Bright and Fa. Chemistry wise the best main group. Explains the power vaccum that allowed the sequel to take place. Main villain is great and this is well known even by people who have not seen ZZ. Shows how Tomino built on certain aspects such as the Earth arc and delivers the best Earth arc in the series. ZZ adds a nice series to discuss after you watch because the people who watch it did not watch it because there was a compilation film or a dub. ZZ is not the best Gundam has to offer but the reasons to skip are simply tourist justification.

>It shows how Tomino improves with each MC he makes
How is the Mary Sue that is Judau better than Amuro or Kamille?

Just make sure to watch Turn A before you inevitably get burned out and realize the longer this series goes, the more retarded it gets. Turn A is the culmination of the series and Tomino's magnum opus.

Haman is fucking awful in ZZ. The Qubeley gets mass produced and she is no longer actually unique or a threat. She gets stomped by Glemy who comes out of nowhere after out maneuvering the Titans and the AEUG in Zeta. Then she just like kills herself in the end because she can't get some 14 year old dick.

Thanks for all the advice guys, wow, really impressed.

I only watched 0079 as it was on a list of classics and thought I could stop but the idea of having my favourite's back like Bright and Char was enticing so I am fast becoming a Gundam autist.

What do you all make of the side series like 08th MS Team (I know 0800 was mentioned already) that flesh out the early UC? Are they considered core or is it the 3 series + Movie only?

I am also disappointed to hear about Origins as Char is ultimate bro tier and I really hoped to see more of him. Are they that bad?

Watch and form your own opinion.

They add unnecessary context to stories that didn't need it.

Also if you love Char you will love Zeta. He's the mentor to Zeta's MC.

I actually just cleared Zeta. I slightly preferred 0079 but it was still very good. I started the thread to see if I was hurtling towards the end of God Tier gundam or whether someone wanted to tell me to throw something else in before I finish up on CCA.

>I actually just cleared Zeta
You're about to figure out what kinda Gundam autist you are as soon as you start ZZ