Why are westoids obsessed with characters "earning it"?

Why are westoids obsessed with characters "earning it"?

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The West loves an underdog story. So any character arc that involves a character growing from a place of meagerness to a place of renown is seen as positive character development.

i suppose its because characters in narratives earn things

>Hurricane comes out of nowhere to save your backwards-ass island from annihilation twice
I can't imagine why the Japanese would feel entitled to stuff they haven't earned...

Because Americans have been brainwashed to think if they put in the work they can escape poverty and become billionaires when in fact it's 50% your parents owning an emerald mine and 50% luck that this happens. So when they a failure like Rock Lee who ends up making it as a ninja through hard work they think to themselves "Wow, I'm a wagie loser who was never meant to amount to anything but if I keep trying hard at it and make sure to tell everyone they're a socialist for wanting health care that exists in every industrialized country I'll be sure to make it one day DATTEBAYO"

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Ever heard of ancient Greek literature? Because every Western book of fiction is some iteration of an ancient Greek story.

Because a story needs to have a conflict.
And if a protagonist is handed every victory, there really isn't a conflict. Just inconveniences.

Kill yourself, narutard.

>your only choice is poverty or being a billionaire

because eugenics is cringe

Reminder that Rock Lee is a genius. He didn't earn anything.

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even being upper middle class in the US is luck based and even then the broken housing market and health care system make being upper middle class a precarious position that can easily be lost due to factors outside your control

kek based

>Who needs conflict or character arc when we can have mary-sues

I don't get where you're coming from, MHA follows the Joseph Campbell Hero's journey like Star Wars, both MCs have arcs.

As for iconic characters like Sherlock Holmes, who don't really have arcs but stories are filled with interesting conflict, you got characters like Vash the Stampede. These storytelling concepts are hardly unique to the west

>Why are westoids obsessed with characters "earning it"?
It's part of the capitalist/protestant ideology.
People's worth is what they accomplish.

>upper middle class
first of no you don't really need to be upper middle class on luck you can just go into programming or something and second why does it need to be upper what's wrong with middle class .
>that can easily be lost due to factors outside your control
that's true of any position even rich people have lost it all before

>Why are westoids obsessed with characters "earning it"?
Because people want to see characters training put into work and paying off
Too much shit where a character with no worth stumbles through life, gets macguffin, becomes OP and wins is bullshit
Hard work = Big payout

>even rich people have lost it all before
the worst thing that can ever happen to a multimillionaire in the US is retiring in a two story house at the age of like 35 and never having to work again. They aren't gonna be homeless.

I always hear people going on about how anime is so much better than capeshit because the characters train and "earn" their powers instead of being gifted with them.
>Goku is so much better than Superman because he trains!
So now it's the west that's obsessed with "earning" powers? Make up your fucking minds.

This isn't a west vs east thing. This is a children entertainment vs adult media thing.

Aang was born the Avatar. Harry Potter was born a wizard. Anna from Frozen was born special. The main character of Minecraft can punch threes with his bare hands. It's a common trope, because kids just want quick self gratification.

Superman has been at the head of discussions about how he's outdated or boring because he's too strong and good for like 30+ years now

m-mongolbros.....they're laughing at us...

That's just cope for poor writing. People make the mistake of defining a superhero by what they can do, instead should focus on what they can't. Tap into that and you can make even Superman interesting again