How do we fix her without raping or other heinous acts?

How do we fix her without raping or other heinous acts?

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consensual rape

By this, he means therapy, love, and support.

why, with my peenus weanus of course :)

hahah! :D

it's my weeeeeenus peanus! :) hahah

ITT: How do we fix Junko - my answer is, of course, my peanus weenus :D


Treat her to a nice dinner , give her head pats , hold her hand and snuggle .

Fix what? She did nothing wrong.

tenderly hug her

Horse rimjobs should be decent enough

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Magic brainwashing video

Call IZON and toss her ass into one of their cube structures. Give her a taste of her own medicine.

You don't, mass spread terrorism is your passion, can't fix that without killing her or brain transplant

Her passion*

>the rapy

>Mating School Life
>Case 1: Sayaka gets preggers and must be convinced not to Mirei Park her fetus.
>Case 2: Mondo gets trapped and must decide if he still wants to fuck Chihiro.
>Case 3: Celeste gambles her virginity that Hifumi won't fuck Taka on her orders and is trying to avoid her end of the bargain once he does. Restrain her and make her fulfill her promise.
>Case 4: Monokuma has been destroyed because Sakura snu-snued it too hard. Ease everyone's fear of broken pelvises so Sakura can mate again.
>Case 5: Kyoko's search for Mukuro to get Makoto to impregnate her too.
>Case 6: Junko is enjoying her despair blueballing herself from the orgy. Find and fuck her.

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Let her do the rape.

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Makoto can fuck her consensually.

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Nagito shoots her.

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Any rape with junko is inherently CNC. Well except if you're the rapee.

She tries getting herself to feel despair but fails and cries herself to sleep.

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just erase her mind and keep her as a red headed Baka

Mind control brainwashing videos. Then use her body to repopulate Japan.

Tie her down and forcefully impregnate her over and over.

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She needs Naegi's cock