Yu-Gi-Oh! Go Rush!!

Will Yudias finally come back today? Stay tuned for what appears to be another non duel episode.

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Is this the inflation fetish episode?

Today is inflation, last week was Rovian barking.

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Manya might have lost but the bad reception from the episode should teach Bridge to know better. Hopefully, they'll learn their lesson.

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Yuamu is so confident.

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Not a real yu gi oh thread until user posts sex with yuamu

At least it's like the vrains non duel episodes instead of the arc-v non duel episodes.

Sex with Yuamu.

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The angel of the arts.

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ED release includes a remix featuring Yuhi and Sexy Yuamu's voices.

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No? I don't see a recap anywhere.

vrains had quite a few non duel episodes that weren't recaps.

I only remember Kusanagi and Yusaku's first meeting one with that quiz.

1st, 3rd, 6th, 8th, 22nd, 32nd. And that was season one.

Not a real yu gi oh thread until Atachifag posts Manya-Nya-Chiwaa

Yuhi is a manlet

>episodes that introduce dropped plot points that go nowhere

Episode 24: よみがえれ!ユウディアス – Yomigaere! Yūdiasu
(Be Revived, Yudias!)
>Yuhi and co. managed to rescue Yudias. The problem is, he’s also now a shirt! Yuhi and co. try various ways to return him back to normal, but end up losing sight of him. As they go look for Yudias once again, they find a card in the park.

Episode 25: 狙われたUTS – Nerawareta UTS
(UTS Under Attack)
>Goha Yuna and Rovian unexpectedly show up at UTS’s office. Yuna demands Yuhi and co. to hand their office over. This angers Yuhi greatly, but despite that, Yudias still challenges Rovian to a Duel, with UTS itself at stake. After receiving some encouragement from Yuamu, Yudias begins the Duel, aiming for a new Velgeard at the same time!

Episode 26: 翔べ! ラッシュデュエル – Tobe! Rasshu Dyueru
(Fly! Rush Duel)
>Rovian drives Yudias into a corner with her Equip Spells. However, Yudias is still determined to beat Rovian, even though the odds are stacked against him. As Yudias starts enjoying the Duel, a miracle occurs in Mutsuba Town!

Episode 27: アニメはつらいよ – Anime wa Tsurai yo
(It’s Tough Being an Anime)

Episode 28: 闘え! UTSエイト– Tatakae! UTS Eito
(Fight! UTS Eight)

Most of vrains' plot points was just moving the main one forward. it's still preferable to the ones where they have yuya and yuzu run around in circles.

Our boy is wining. The miracle is probably related to the space treasure being the duels we enjoyed along the way.

>After receiving some encouragement from Yuamu, Yudias begins the Duel, aiming for a new Velgeard at the same time!
Is this saying rovian is a velgear? The phrasing is a bit weird.

>it's still preferable
No it's not. Except for Ai, all of the main cast in Vrains was BORING.

Yuzu's charm alone is better than anything they did.