Ranma 1/2

Why were they such a good couple? I wish we had double Tsundere with Belligerent sexual tension pairs like this these days.

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>I wish we had double Tsundere with Belligerent sexual tension pairs like this these days.
To love Ru and Love hine, both shit series, had made sure that you'll always get a herbivorous, lanky and shitty small penis MC from now on.
Fuck Ken Akamatsu and fuck Kentaro Yabuki. Both of them are shit!

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These OG style of all tsun and no dere but still jealous when you hang out with other girls just because are really tiresome
Like I didn't mind them that much back then but now I would be like
Damn girl what is your problem?
If you want that dick you better hop on it

Fuck you. Asshole men are for shojo, go read that.

>Why were they such a good couple?
Closeted lesbians that need to take their violence out on each other.

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And there is touka who fucked every girls in the span on dozen chapters

>and no dere
t.speed reader/speed watcher.

Zamn! Even though both moments are interrupted, they both felt surprisingly patient and quaint. Funny, I recall this being a hyperactive show but these moments felt like ozu compared to modern romcoms.


yeah no

Fuck you too shitty small penis herbivorous kun. Kentaro Yabuki is at least trying to redeem himself with his total faggot herbivorous phase by abandoning the shitty series known as To love ru.

You were wrong. Simple as.

Akane is the worst girl of all time

Ukyo should have won

Sure they get together at the end but that was because she is the "main" girl and that was what always meant to be
Bitch was a cunt for the majority of the entire series up until the last part
She rarely ever work to gain attraction from ranma outside of special unquie circumstances
Same shit with kaoru
They are all too tsun and not enough dere
newer token tsundere have girls become too dere right away and not enough tsun, that they all might as well be shampoo
School rumble was when the tsundere ratio was perfected

They're not. Im still surprised that such a weak imitation of Urusei Yatsura managed to become successful. I used to watch this as a kid, it was most certainly watchable and entertaining I'll give it that, every Rumiko work is. But the characters are so boring I could never bring myself to care the slightest bit about any of them.

Akane is cute, but needs severe correction.

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They're a senseless couple. That was the whole point.

Ranma flopped in Japan afaik.
It was saved bc it was one of the 1st commercially successful animu in the states thanks to being VHS exclusive form the very 1st moment, but also was the series that put Kitty Film in a critical financial situation.

>Bitch was a cunt for the majority of the entire series up until the last part.
The only people who say this are those who think slapstick humor is the same as characters being mean. She helps out Ranma (on occasions where she absolutely doesn't need to) plenty of times.

>Ranma flopped in Japan afaik
Ranma was successful in Japan. It was only a flop in US.

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>Ranma flopped in Japan afaik.
what? Ranma had like 7 fucking seasons lol

Anime back then wasn't subdivided into seasons.
There were 2 series: Ranma 1/2 and Ranma 1/2: Nettou-hen

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