Was this the last time Any Forums as a whole had fun with an anime?

Was this the last time Any Forums as a whole had fun with an anime?

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When's the last time any part of this website had fun?

I just posted it

Zoomers are lazy. They don't even know how to use photoshop.

AoT ending.

But the unironic answer is Kemono Friends.
It was not just Any Forums having fun. 2ch was also there and the two boards were sharing memes like a bunch of white girls in a cultural enrichment program

Come the day that KF was murdered, fans all over the world united. #NoTatsukiNoTanoshi trended and it was spoken by multiple languages

Oh, the memories

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>being serious on Any Forums

I thought tripfags went extinct

was set of images edited by Any Forumsnons?

I'm the only one left.

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Code Geass

Ionno. Symphogear?

Kill yourself tripfaggot parasite

What does that even mean? -oomer?
You're a moron who doesn't even know the name of your own generation, and think it's a Any Forums meme. That's how retarded you are. And you wonder why no one likes you.

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I prefer the tripfaggots over this generation of crossboarders and newfags

Kill la Kill was TTGL 2.0 basically when it comes to this place reaction.
Back when we believed Trigger will save anime.

>Was this the last time Any Forums as a whole had fun with an anime?
This season has been pretty involved.

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I remember Valvrave and Samurai Flamenco being very fun with Any Forums

Does any oldfag here still have that template floating around?

Chainsaw Man will reunite all of /a whether this is a good thing or bad thing time will tell

Slit your throat moefag tripfaggot piece of shit

unironically, get a life

my HDD with all those sorts of goodies on it unceremoniously died in maybe 2013


Get off my board newshit zoomer.
Lurk 20 more years, unironically.

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This image has sparked a trend of different characters doing the pose.

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2ch has fun much more often than Any Forums

There are still plenty of tripfags, Vert is just the most active

I fucking hate myself for erasing my old HDD back then, now all pre 2010 archives are gone as well

I think the last time board came together was for Cross Ange.
The amount of shitposting was significant.
not like Code Geass levels, but it was a big deal.

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>tfw you filter all tripfags and don't have to read the nonsense sparked by them

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>2ch has fun much more often than Any Forums
I've been spending more and more time there since Any Forums has turned into /dbs/

The only other one I can think of is Destrado and he told me on steam he doesn't post here anymore.

Franxx was the last time Any Forums had fun together

idk about Any Forums as a whole but this show was the last time I had fun with Any Forums

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I have distinct memories of muddling through photoshop as an amateur for hours on end to post my shitty content back in the day. The thread would still be up days later. That sort of environment was conducive to learning. That sort of environment is long gone on the vast majority of boards.
So no one learns and we just get quickly googled recycled frogs.

>come on Any Forums
>it's ten pages of One Piece
>ten pages of dragon ball
>ten pages of bort
>leave Any Forums
>read webnovels on syosetu
>it's my first time back since march
>literally nothing has changed.
I think it's possible to leave this place.
You just have to find something else to replace it.

Fun my ass
It was just a bunch of shitpost after shitpost
Completely and utterly meaningless event just like DB Super

Geass was the last time.

Every year we get more and more people coming to Any Forums. The idea of the whole board watching and following one show just isn't possible anymore, everyone is sorta separated from each other and sticks to their threads. I'd love to sit here and say we all loved Samurai Flamenco and had a fun time with it but I also know that even that was just a dedicated fanbase.

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How did you get a clear png background with a filename like that?

Sorry to burst your bubble but it is impossible to leave Any Forums because this is the most honest and genuine site in the entire cyberspace.

Complain all you wish about things because awful but that's just the price to pay for everyone having every right to post whatever they want

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>oomer meme again
Dude fuck off and leave already you moefag tripfaggot

Huh? I see a couple around here all the time. Like in the scanlation threads

Does your mommy know you're on Any Forums?

you probably say normie unironically

Do you fags even maintain some Any Forums radios anymore?

>funnyjunk filename

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