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The Cafe LycoReco crew was such a happy family. It would be a shame if something bad happened to any of them.

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You just know.

Why is there an American in my yurishit?

>It would be a shame if something bad happened to any of them.
When you have an idiot commander who is being played like a dog by the enemy. Anything can happen.

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>overrated fanservice-y seasonal shit
>fanbase is filled with braindead shipperfags
Nobody cares about this literal pile of crap.


>Chisato's facial expressions, words, and atmosphere...they seem to accept everything about Takina, and then gently embrace her...
>Takina puts a lot of force into her lips and turns her face back to the washroom.
>She's about to turn red.
>She becomes happy and happy──.
>She can't say anything, she's frustrated and embarrassed.
>── Chisato is unfair.
>She doesn't know what's unfair.
>But that's what Takina thought.
Man, I fucking love how gay Takina is for Chisato.

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>early thread
explain yourself

ETA 5 hrs and 52 min till Takina destroys Majima.

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>Shinji's last moments
>"Chisato *cough* listen to me *wheeze* I'm fine with you not killing *hack* as long you have super talented genius babies with *croak* Majima..."

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he wants his daughter to be gay like him

I think Majima will die in episode 12 or 13.

Bisexual father and daughter SEGGS.

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This is a Majima thread in disguise.

Keikaku doori...

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The best yuri anime of the millennium.

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So that's why he has high hopes for Takina. Naruhodo.

Dubs confirmed.

This. Majima is actually a woman and he wants Chisato to make lots of iPS babies with Majima.

OP here, it's not. It's simply a LycoReco crew thread, hence why Mizuki and Maki are also there. The pic was taken before Walnut joined so she's not there, but you get the idea.