Let's Watch Ojamajo Doremi episode 8!

Newcomers and seasoned viewers alike, welcome! Here we watch and discuss Ojamajo Doremi episodes weekly (at least for the time being). Back to the old format now that desuarchive is up and running again. Today's episode 8: it's Doremi's chance to prove her worth! (Although, as one user pointed in the previous thread, she already has repeatedly shown she is capable of using her magic or, at least, has got more chances than anybody else.)

Season 1, episode 8. Original air date: March 28, 1999
Majo no Sekai he Go!!
Synopsis: As Doremi and Majorika lament her failure they learn that Doremi can take a "make-up exam". But it is very different, and this is Doremi's final chance to pass the exam, or else she will become known as the only Witch Apprentice to fail the ninth exam twice!

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(You can download the previous episodes on the same website too, so don't hesitate to put yourself to date if you just discovered the rewatch.)

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Off to real life stuff. I will watch the episode later. In the meanwhile, you can help by keeping this thread alive!

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Finally able to catch up, I can help this much.

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Remember when your mom told you that you can't eat cereal at night? Yea that's me with this show except i can't stop watching it everyday. I'm already at S2. Hazuki a qt

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Say, for how long are we supposed to keep the thread going again?

Until you use the safe word, kitten.

Until you run out of things to say. So write to your heart's content! You can talk about the episode. You can make up theories about Doremi's (and others') panties. Whatever. Me i'm watching the episode right now.

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Doremi is the most important thing in my life.

I must say, they didn't cut any corners at making viewers feel second-hand embarrassment by Doremi's clumsiness. On second thought, nobody cut any corners in making me first-hand embarrassment by my own clumsiness either, so never mind.
I'm glad my daugtherwife passed the exam anyway, but I am not feeling pride yet. I hope for character development from her side.

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Panties are good, you have my interest. I wonder if we will get to see more panties down the road.

I put this on my backlog years ago, I guess I might as well get to it now. Thanks for the convenient link, and maybe see you in a future thread.

Captcha: SAD2X

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So I'm guessing everyone is watching on their own now? Well, it's to be expected.

Why do people even like Onpu? She's not that funny, not as cute, her voice isn't even that good. Is it really just because she's an idol and she knows her way around producers?

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Fuck yeah! I'm here too, and I already watched and re-watched eps 1 - 7.

Cant wait to watch 8.

Remember when your mom told you that you should be careful about sketchy strangers? I realized I am the sketchy stranger

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I tried just sticking with one a week but I couldn’t. I enjoy this a lot more than I thought I would.

I love Doremi

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How much exactly?

I never had any, but now that I'm an adult I could but some. Which ones are good?

A lot

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