One Punch Man

Who can stop EVIL Saitama.

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Does evil saitama love children?

No, but he sexually abuse them, because he's EVIL.

Final Form Genos+ Drive Knight Hybrid with God Core

His boyfriend.

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>editor removed this from the chapter
What a coward

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Evil Saitama doesn't wash his hands before engaging in forced handholding.

I will stop Saitama.

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Exactly what I was thinking of.

Him dying is now canon trigger for evil saitama how are we feeling fanficsisters

he can stop him.

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Just had a wc re-read.
Man, there were a lot of good panels.

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I like how someone who can't draw made it big, maybe I have a chance after all.

Ok now I get why this is a ship.

ok now i get why he turned evil

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You need to be able to write well. You could always write a WN/LN.

Yeah tatsumaki is a bitch

I too would turn evil for a piece of that ass.