Edens Zero spoiler

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something something about being responsible for Drakken and Nero

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pretty strange reveal for a character with minimal panel type to be behind some of the Galaxy's biggest threats. It reminds me of how Jellal had infiltrated the Magic Council back in FT.

Timeskip Kleene's tits were absolutely not that massive before. She was like, the group's medium before. Not complaining.

everyone is getting their asses kicked, who is going to save them this time? or is it time for another jump?

Mashima is such a trash writer, holy shit

>torture room fate
what do you think user?

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Her eyes kinda remind me of Nia

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Mashima can only draw 2 body types

so Cure is the Aizen of Eden's Zero?
will he be the real final boss?

it's not that strange, Becky started with decent sized boobs and now she's pretty close to Lucy's size. Mashima can't contain his love for big boobs.

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Feather a cute.

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Rebecca will save herself. Sorry, everybody in Universe 3, but at least the identical stranger versions of yourselves will all get to have a happier conclusion than your own completely screwed timeline.