So the episode that killed Abe is finally airing today. Will the wait be worth it?

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Comedy idols???

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Are they even idols?

I dunno I just started watching, the OP makes them look like idols.
I have already found best girl!

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I'm worried it's gonna be censored, or even worse have changes we will never know happened

My god every girl in this show is perfect.

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Will they replace every gun with a snake or something silly too?

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Probably not

Haven't we seen more realistic guns since then? but then in context it might be different

It's what Abe would've wanted

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Will they censor it?

Who knows

Which Teppen would you !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ?

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This guy.

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She is the best, but I like Yuina a lot, too.

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good taste

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Good chance they changed some things behind the scenes in a way we will never be able to tell it was ever censored

Actually good thing to do is keep an eye on the exact runtime and compare it to the other episodes

Why is there no episode 2?

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dumb namefag

Every episode so far has been exactly 23 minutes 50 seconds
I assume this episode will show the preview for episode 11 since 10 showed the preview for ep 2 so we will have to take that into account as a possible source of a slightly different runtime

but then again ep 10 was still the same length despite showing the wrong preview

He's a tripfag. And an exceptionally stupid one. Just don't reply to it.