why are there so few dorohedoro threads

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Good morning, I hate sorcerers.

Is kind of hard to discuss something that you don't really have many complaints about

It's not very good.

maybe there is when its still ongoing

why the fuck are you still hangup with lack of dorohedoro threads when there's a new hayashida series called Dai Dark?

Where the fuck are you from Any Forums? Fuckin board still hangup about superman a character made 85 years ago.

So many fucking threads since the anime

Now everyone knows you're from Any Forums.
Nice going, goldfish.

Dai Dark's ongoing so the cool cats have moved on. The anime is waiting for the next season to come out, so there's no interest in the meantime.

Season 2 when

>why aren't there threads constantly about something that finished years ago

People keep saying this was a super unique manga, but I don't get it, I read the entire thing and it seemed a bit above average to me. It's certainly not Blame or anything like that, but maybe my standards for stories are just too high nowadays.


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Because its over and done with. It was a pretty decent manga without much wrong with it.

>People keep saying this was a super unique manga, but I don't get it, I read the entire thing and it seemed a bit above average to me
It had a unique setting and artstyle, the characters were pretty fun too

Why is Nikaido so FAT in the anime?

too much gyoza

>People keep saying this was a super unique manga
I can see where they're coming from given the setting and the tone.
>it seemed a bit above average to me
A bit above average in what? Uniqueness?
>It's certainly not Blame or anything like that
I suppose it's a good thing?
>maybe my standards for stories are just too high nowadays
So, which works meet these high standards of yours?

I hate when retards leave such vague posts where not a single part of it logically flows into another and where no proper criticism is relayed whatsoever.

>I hate when retards leave such vague posts where not a single part of it logically flows into another and where no proper criticism is relayed whatsoever
Yeah, that's me, because, well, I just don't know what to say about it. Recently, I've been finding manga and anime to be a lot less interesting and when I read this, it wasn't that good either. I don't know why that is and I guess I'm just dissapointed since nothing I read feels that unique anymore. For example, in Dorohedoro, it's still characters that clash in ideas and goals, where one then wins, whereas in Blame, the motives of the characters is unpredictable, at least to me. You try to piece together what is going on and just what this absurd megastructures is supposed to be. Another example would be Girl's Last Tour, where the point of it isn't some clash of ideas or struggles between powers, which is, at least from what I can see, extremely rare in these mediums.
I don't know man, I'm just sad I guess. I understand how you'd want a discussion where we would potentially get somewhere, but I don't have much to say and my post didn't really want to attract a discussion on the actual quality of the show. Sorry that that's what it ended up implying.

Any Forums would rather discuss the things they pretend to hate

At least Noi is popular

I mean Girl's Last Tour (the anime at least) is run of the mill CGDCT "story". The setting isn't conventional for the genre but nothing particularly interesting ever comes of it; it doesn't really impact the characters in any way that would lead to an interesting reaction or interaction from them that you wouldn't get anywhere else, but I suppose these things lie outside of your spectre of interests anyway. Yeah, you could think about lore: why are the cities constructed in the way they are, how did the end of the world come to be and so on. But that's not something that is particularly praiseworthy as it requires almost no work from the author to just drop a couple of interesting concepts amidst a bland mass of inconcrete something on which you mind would pick up and with which it would run wild. All work is done by you, so, I'm not really sure how can you even rank such pieces higher in the hierarchy of storytelling compared to other works which chose a different approach only because the vagueness of them made you more inclined to make things work in the absence of the work on author's part.

I'm glad that at least the most important part of Dorohedoro was remembered.

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The thing I found most interesting about Girl's Last Tour is none of the things you mentioned though. At least to me, 90% of the story, which is sadly all of the anime, is fairly uninteresting as it is about girl's existing in a strange and lonely world. Sure, it's fun to think about their perspective on things we take for granted, for example, they find the concept of a home to be an odd one and wonder what they could do if they had one, but there's nothing that meaningful there, at least in my opinion.
For me, the ending is by far the most impactful - after all of their hardship, they are then forced to give up their only vehicle. They are forced to you use their last remaining food supplies. They burn their most treasured books for warmth. All of this culminates with them reaching the top - and there's absolutely nothing there. There was no reason for them go there, they just wanted to and they did. However, they're not sad - they're happy they lived their lives and remember all of their good moments. You grow to like the characters over the story and in the end, there's no flashy ending or a grand conclusion - they just die there. It's a crushing, yet somehow fitting ending.
Maybe I haven't seen enough stories, but I've never read anything like this.