Sono Bisque Doll wa Koi wo suru

Honestly Gojo lucked out big time by having a cosplay female friend that loves him and supports his hobby

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I thought normalfags hated blatant fanservice. How did this get so popular?

Marine is more lucky with a simp that willing to do slave work for free.

This fanservice is completely tasteless and disgusting, and its existence makes me ashamed of my species.

>cosplay female friend that loves him and supports his hobby
Fucking WEEB

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>fucking weeb

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Is not like you'll ever reproduce.

It shows the female self insert main character being sexy, which is a female power fantasy - rather than showing off the panties of all the harem members as they squee as is more typical in anime. W*men are weird in that they put on airs about how they hate being objectified yet their whole identity is more often than not based around being a sexual object.

When did Marine get her tongue pierced?

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There's no pierced tongue in this webm, bucko

Fucking autist, I'm talking about the series.

Just go take a shower at that point you stinky woman.


Cosplayer whores made a shit ton of money on onlyfans.

I have actually seen people shitting on this for its fanservice. Even got the whole "she is literally a CHILD" routine.

enough about you user

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>forced animation
>fan service

Two reasons why this isn't okay.

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this feels both too choppy and too fluid. The body is rotoscoped, and then the tits are added, right?

theres no way a womans boobs are that bouncy.