I HATE anime

I HATE anime

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i want to impregnate sakura when she was a fertile delicious thighs pure maiden


Try watching something that isn't Dragonball Z

Spray the gay away.

Sakura is the cutest

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>I HATE anime
Then you're on the right place.

Okay. Then go ahead and GTFO.

This isn't Any Forums you dumb nigger.


No, that's the board to go if you hate videogames.

>tfw no Saki wife

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Based manga enjoyer

why even live

Me too

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>tfw no zombie guitarist wife

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Are you filthy commies trying to imply dragon ball is bad?

>replying to mentally ill tripfaggots
holy fucking shit newfag


Holding my warm hand with JUNCUTE'S cold hand

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Glad you're still here with us, Juncute bro.

Anime was a mistake

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