Is Shiruka Bakaudon still /our girl/ ?

Is Shiruka Bakaudon still /our girl/ ?

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Her stories are fucked up but she has big boobs irl so it works out.

Man what the fuck is this shit

> she has big boobs
pic ?

She's a little fucked in the head but her doujin are good for a wank so it balances out for me
I can fix her

But can she fix you?

Well that's more of a her problem isn't it?


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This is what a perfectly mentally sound woman looks like

You can't see her boobs in any of these.

Edgy thot that made her career drawing senseless and meaningless torture porn.


This started absolutely amazingly but then got boring with no real plot any more.
It peaked at the gangrape scene.
Other than that, Idiot Noodle is still the god of porn.

>All porn has absolutely no plot
>I dislike this porn
>II complain that porn has a bad plot now

It's porn

So is she female Japshad?

It's an exaggerated parody of female penmanship.
>Conflicted internal monologs
>The rape scenes are a brilliant, beautiful form of art
>All female characters are utter two-faced backstabbing bitches
dialed up to 2000
How could this brilliant author not be female? This is what you get when you overclock the female brain without installing better cooling.

If she had big boobs you could