Blue Reflection Ray

Everything hasn't been forgotten yet. They're still working on Sun. It will be released, and this will let us learn more about Shino.

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Blue Reflection Yay, it's Saturday? boi...............just need..................more............................time..................

If we get more real content, I'll finish the story. Uta will be found at a swing-set. Frustrations will be vented in a back alley.

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Is it true that they released discs for the anime after all, but just DVDs instead of BDs? Or was some user lying to me again?

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I can't believe Uta's getting a second game!

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Any Forums shills that series so hard I blacklisted it.

The only person missing out is you user

Nah. If Any Forums loves the Blue Reflection franchise so much, then I have to avoid everything about it, included the anime, like the plague.

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Sounds like you have mindrot user, if that's how you feel why don't you stop visiting Any Forums?

The cult is finally dead.

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I'm trying to.
I went as far as getting my house internet connection and phone's data plan banned (both ISPs assign the same ip addresses to their customers for months and restarting the modem or the phone doesn't change that) and as soon as the ban lifts I will get banned again.

You can just get a blocker and block then you literally can't visit, save yourself before you ruin other good series for yourself.

What's the point of a blocker when you can remove it? Funnily enough I've played more vidya and watched more anime since I became unable to post there.

>Blue Reflection
>Good series

It's to break bad habits, when I type in "a" or "/a" for example I can instantly be on Any Forums if I press enter which is a habit I do so frequently it would be hard to break even if I wanted to but blocking places a barrier in your path that yes you can undo but at that point you should have the willpower to just.. not? And do something else.
And yeah the series is good (depending on your requirements for good), personally I played Zone of the Enders recently for the first time and I have to say the gameplay in those games sucks ass hard, it might be one of the worst gameplay experiences I've ever had in a game I've finished. Yet it's a cult classic and I can see why, the OST is incredible, the setting is great, the story (despite being criminally short) is intriguing. So despite being one of the worst gameplay experiences of my life, it's actually a 6/10 that has a place in my heart higher than it 'objectively' should.
I feel the same way to a lesser degree about Blue Reflection, a lot of the first game sucks ass (particularly the gameplay and exploration areas) but the atmosphere it manages to create is great and really made me appreciate it, the second game is actually heads and tails above the first game, the gameplay is "fine" for a mid-JRPG, certainly comparable to Tales or GUST in general, the exploration areas and character depth is much higher and it's overall a great experience.

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The cult will never die so long as I'm alive, and one day I will revive our faith.

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>and one day I will revive our faith
And just how do you propose to do that?

it's a good anime, I really didnt care about the games until I watched the show.

>Blue Reflection Ray

yes. it's the AOTY for me from last year.