Are you ready?

Are you ready?

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Fucking hell op, at least spoiler this shit you sick bastard


Is she ever going to come back?

Isn't she that used goods meguro something?

The manga is on hiatus due to health issues.

give sauce pls

I was thinking the same.
>lowering your standards and dating used good instead of just fucking them

No, her design and artstyle are similar but actually completely unrelated manga

fucking cringe

i'd be having health issues too if i had to draw that filthy degenerate meguro all the time

The protagonist is named Hodoki Kantarou, not Megur.

Still waiting for the author to come back and continue this damn series.

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What are the chances? It's been 9 months, longer than the series ran in total.

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*Dies of cringe*

She's only been in a relationship once, so the correct term should be used goods. Regardless, I just want my office lady romance manga to come back. Takizawa-san is just isn't cutting it for me.
Pretty low, but there hasn't been any announcement that it's getting the axe, so there's still hope.

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>I just want my office lady romance manga to come back
There's an infinite supply of TL for that.