ITT: weird changes in animated adaptations

ITT: weird changes in animated adaptations

>One Piece characters have auras and can fly like DBZ characters in the anime for some reason

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>One Piece characters have auras and can fly like DBZ characters
same thing happened in david production's jojo

Yeah, that was really bad in Jojo.

they added magic circles on Fairy Tail that are nowhere in the manga

but they have auras in the manga

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have to make it flashy for the droolers

in the Toriko anime they turned Coco's poison blobs into purple hadoukens

The animator said on twitter that he got so many complaints he ramped it up and added more auras and flying.


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yes, wan piss is shit, we know

I guess the animator was a fan of those arcade X-Men games where mutants like Wolverine and Colossus that were solely physical could shoot energy attacks

Zoro Vs Killer was even supposed to be framed like an old Samurai showdown not this Bleach shit the anime paraded.

You mean kino changes

You think newfags here actually read the source material before they talk out their ass?

that and those epilepsy inducing sparkles

I remember a karts racing anime that enlarged main girl's tits.

>The characters have auras in the manga (for stylistic effect; the auras are never acknowledged in-universe
>Jotaro doesn't fly; Star Platinum pushes and pulles him at insane speeds to a degree that he can mimic flight
>DIO can literally fly because he's a vampire

This is every anime now.
Can't have faithful, realistically coreographed fights. Everyone needs to fly around and make the landscape explode into cubes.
Worst part is normalfags eat it up so it's never going away

I think in the manga DIO and Jotaro were meant to be jumping around. But probably too much pain in the ass to animate so they fly now.

but Jotaro didn't fly, just Dio