ITT: Anime redflags

What are some redflags for you in anime?
>Episode is yet another cookie cutter "revenge bad" message

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>Mentions redflag in OP

What are the chances of OP being funnyschizo?

Are you trying to make a point with this?

You actually do make a good point here, schizofriend.
For other revenge plots like Sasuke or Kurapika, they were obsessed with revenge to the point where it consumed their lives and had no plans for what to do after getting revenge. So it made sense people wanted to steer them away from that path.
But Mustang wasn't obsessively seeking out Envy. He just happened to find the guy who killed his friend and decided to repay the favor. There's nothing wrong with that.

>anime is over 24 episodes

At least in this case it wasn't, "No you can't kill the killer or you'll be as bad!" or something stupid, it was "Dude you're acting fucking crazy, let me kill him instead, you need to calm down."

>user likes revenge.
user, are you even enlightened?

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No, he handled it well.

>and decided to repay the favor by torturing him repeatedly instead just killing him which isn't what someone who wants to he a leader should do
Retards like you and OP always miss the point completely when people have spelled it out for you time and time again. Kill yourselves

>completely changes the formula
>tries to get too serious

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Torturing enemies of the state is something all world leaders facilitate in some ways.

die fag

>the big bad is moments away from completing his master plan
>mustang is pointlessly torturing envy instead of killing him and moving on to help deal with the other threats
>mustang straight up told hawkeye word for word to stop him if he ever loses sight of his goal
>hawkeye tells him to stop being a dipshit and let she and ed kill envy
>ed tells him he'd make a shitty leader if he loses sight of what's important that easily
>somehow to this day retards still interpret this as 'revenge bad'


>he posts an episode 80% through the show

Is the fact that I'm put off by what I've seen so far but can't place my finger on exactly why considered a red flag? Should I just read the manga/webcomic or is it just shit to the core? I'm usually an easy romcom-fag but I'm being filtered by "everyone's favorite anime romcom" for some reason.

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Whatever helps you cope with being a retard.

It's garbage after the first two volumes. Turns into the same gag over and over, wastes your time with side characters, then makes a bunch of stories about characters introduced in rapid succession that no one gives a shit about while the story the series is literally named after is sidelined into even more same gag over and over.

Fuck me, that's disappointing. I might just bootleg the manga later at some point, but my god is the pacing fucked to hell and back. Is Hori any better in the source material? I like Miyamura but she's an absolute nothingburger at best.