This kills the roastoid

This kills the roastoid.

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more like ego boosts rejects who never scored

Ok roastie

not even a woman, just hate people who obsess over women and try to get back at them when you know your social status isn't even that relevant for them to even care about you

You didn't have to be that mean with the failed normie, these fags could be happy only caring about 2D but their obsession with 3dpd leaks way too obviously.

MC is a fag

no real man cares about meaningless words like "social status"
>not even a woman
and you will never be one

>dude in a dress was a fag all along
Who could have guessed.

>no real man cares about meaningless words like "social status"
real men barely exist anymore
desperate for pussy faggots latch onto social status because that's the only other way they can score

Why not both?

>no true Scotsman
Neither does anyone outside of social media.

I reject women often because it obliterates their self confidence and gives me more pleasure than a mediocre lay would anyway

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That gif is the worst example though. Relena kinda stomps all over Heero afterwards.

They're not a fag if they pass for a girl. And they do

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die faggot



Okaeri Alice, it made women seethe really hard

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Women even read this manga?

You probably haven't read it. If you had you'd get it's not really a dunk on roasties fantasy.
It's akin to something like the sex flashback in welcome to the nhk.

>Manga is so devoid of content the schizos have to constantly spam pages and panels all the way from the beginning
What the fuck do you freaks even talk about, all you fags do is circle jerk to Kei and post rotten bait like this

Maybe kei only likes tomboys on the girl side

From my observations, women who read manga tend to support gays and trannies over female characters and seethe when imaginary gay/trans characters turn straight.