Anime characters showing love

Anime characters showing love

i know rance doesn't care, but its still so fucking cute.

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She was my designated boss killer in Quest, after cheating several hundred level cap increases onto her.

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>i know rance doesn't care, but its still so fucking cute.
I meant, you are not wrong, Yulang is top tier wife material

imagine one of you giving the other a piggy back ride because they're all tuckered out.

imagine coming home to her glomping you in the living room.

imagine watching as they teach your children how to fight, and stepping in occasionally to replace their wooden swords or remind them of the stances.

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This is adorable
I should probably read this

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Things I can never have for infinity, Bob.

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The cutest. Can't wait for the movie next year.

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How do you fluster a succubus?

Bite her ears, kiss her neck

no, thats expected

the answer is wholesome impure events, led on by wholesome impure thoughts. or at least, very weak lewd thoughts.

that's why we'll never get a succubus gf. we want a succubus gf in the first place.


she'll suss it out.


Be upfront and state what you want as clearly as possible.

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"I'll give you my soul if you give me your ring finger."