How do we feel about male characters with female bodies?

How do we feel about male characters with female bodies?

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They’re great, we need more of them.

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I don't understand the question

I prefer male characters with female (male) bodies

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As long as they aren't trannies, I am fine with it. The moment they start blabbing about any of that gender theory nonsense I am out.

Curious but otherwise deterred.

They should be the only males

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>God I wish that were me.

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>They're my sexual fetish, but if they want me to respect them as a person I am out

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Yuruyakatou is seriously god's gift to earth

My fetish is bestiality doesn't mean I have to consider a horse's opinion seriously. Not to mention anime GB is the real thing instead of larping

They are just a outlet for lust one night stand and move on

That one was originally a female that just got a dick afterwards though.

What do you think of animal girl bestiality? You see animal girls can communicate with animals apart of their race but you rarely see it go further than that.

good one

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