Dragon Ball Super

>the Goku on the left and the Gohan on the right had the same age
As dumb and fanservice-based Beast was, this is a soulfull detail.

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How old is Goku now in the manga? Did he outlive Queen Elizabeth?

I want this franchise rebooted so much

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>B 3-0 K
>B 3-0 S
>V 3-0 G

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This is SO... Funny I am LAUGHING.

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GOD Jiren is handsome.

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I'm just now watching Super (just finished the universe 6 arc)
Did they really make el blanco gohan real???

The 4-0 in the prince's favour is incoming.

Fuck super
One piece has brown lolis now

Granolah arc Goku is 48. SH Goku is 49. EoZ Goku is 50.

Welp, it's been fun superbros

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>One piece has brown lolis now.

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You LOVE Goku.

I wish I could someday find my soulmate like how Krillin did. Those episodes gave me so much hope as a child.

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GOD he looks good.

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God I miss when Super Saiyan was the peak of power. There's nothing that communicates pure energy more then bright yellow.

Bulma-chan, its time.

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HOLY FUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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post some toyotaro art
Pic related
PEAK toyo artistic ability

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1. Vegito
*big gap*

2. Super Buuhan
3. Super Buutenks
4. Ultimate Gohan, Gogeta
*big gap*

5. SSJ3 Gotenks
6. Super Buu
7. SSJ3 Goku, Kid Buu
8. Majin Buu
*big gap*

9. Broly, SSJ2 Vegeta, SSJ2 Goku, SSJ2 Teen Gohan, Super Gotenks
10. Dabura, Perfect Cell, Gotenks, MSSJ Gohan
11. Supreme Kai, Cell Jr, MSSJ Goku
12. USSJ Vegeta, USSJ Trunks, Buu Saga Piccolo
*big gap*

13. Semi-Perfect Cell
14. Android #16, Full-Powered Imperfect Cell
15. Kamiccolo, Android #17, Android #18
16. Imperfect Cell
17. SSJ Goku, SSJ Vegeta, SSJ Gohan, SSJ Trunks, SSJ Goten
18. Cooler
19. Final Form Frieza
20. Android #19, Android #20

*MSSJ = Mastered Super Saiyan
*USSJ = Ultra Super Saiyan
*The superhuman trio (Yamcha/Krillin/Tien) at their peak are 2nd form Frieza tier.

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I gotta say, this is pretty funny.

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I can't stress this enough.. Filler is IMPORTANT to having good pace and character development.

Mangafags don't understand PACING. Anime is a different medium, you can't just copy+paste the manga into animation and call it a day.
It will feel rushed and inorganic. This is why Kai is soulless compared to the original Funimation dub. Because it tries to stay "faithful" to the manga instead of story-building upon it and having characters interact with eachother organically in occasional day-to-day moments.

Yeah there's some bullshit detours like Goku falling into HFIL and Fake Namek, but then there's
>Gohan and the Robot
>Princess Snake
>Ginyu swapping body with Bulma
>Gohan vs Final Form Frieza
>Gohan vs Vegeta
>Yamcha/Tien vs Ginyu Force
>Vegeta looking for Goku in space
>Goku & Piccolo driving cars
>Yamcha trying x300 gravity training
>Goku in Other World Tournament
>Gohan dating Angela
>Party after Kid Buu's death
..and more that I can't come up with now.
The vast majority of DBZ filler is great, especially if it expands upon lore like the Other World saga (and I'd even throw in Fusion Reborn) which I consider crucial to have a better grasp on the Buu Saga since it's so heavy on afterlife shit.

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SSB was a mistake, they should've just kept God. God + Kaioken would be so much better than SSB Kaioken

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Stop making these threads. There's nothing funny posted here and the series is basically on hiatus.

>Stop making these threads. There's nothing funny posted here and the series is basically on hiatus.

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I don't see you complaining about Hunter x hunter threads.

Continue making these threads. There's lots of funny posted here and the series is basically immortal.

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What about bright green?

at this point I just want they to introduce a way to increase power with no visual changes whatsoever

Goku: Takes 10 hours to transform into SS3

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I’ll blow up your house.

Half the people here think Dragon Ball Super and that the series ended with Z. It doesn't matter if Dragon Ball is finished.

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Apparently the idea of Goku's sign being his own version of UI is supposed to convey he's closer to having a perfect UI without transforming like the angels do

The hour has begun.
It must be posted.

You ain't gonna do shit.

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It didn't take goku 10 hrs to transform into 3 when he used it later


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Here it is.

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>Super is canon!
Gohan is the strongest.

>SHITper isn't canon!
Gohan is still the strongest.

>The series ended with the Cell Saga, it was the perfect conclusion!
Gohan is STILL the strongest.


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>bitch-slapped out of it by Raditz: Loss
>beat Saibaman: Win
>neck broken by Recoome; down for the count: Loss
>fought Frieza; fight interrupted: Draw (Would have been a Loss against Frieza's final form)
>killed inCell: Win
>Future version killed by androids: Loss
>Gohan versus Randoms: Win
>mentally raped by Spopovich / energy voomed (sapped) by Spopovich and Yamu of all people: Loss
>fought Dabura, but didn't end it: Draw (Probably would have been a Win)
>literally blown the fuck out by Fat Boo: Loss
>absorbed by Super Boo: Loss

Who is he orbiting?


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This? Canon.