This is a boy

This is a boy.

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I see boobs

Males can grow boobs

t. Sunohara

Prove it

Tits or get the fuck out

Cute boy

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Too bad this is the only art of her cute feet

I love it when she kicks high.

This is a bisexual female.

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What did she mean by this? And why is she the only one who got porn scenes?

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I hate Clannad, but I've rewatched the Tomoyo OVA 6 times. Actually I don't hate Clannad,i just hate Nagisa.

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>bisexual female.

Personalitywise she was the healthiest pairing for Tomoya by far.

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*dies of brain damage*

I will NEVER forgive Key for that.

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Nagisa WON.

If he stays with Nagisa both she and their daughter die of strange nebulous exhaustion disease and he eventually just ends up with Kyou.

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But why not Tomoyo instead?

Tomoyo wasn't still in town.
The story goes that Kyou is getting mogged by Ryou who is already married and lives out of town so Kyou goes to a bar and Sunohara tells her to go check on Tomoya for some reason.
Tomoya has become the bone of his sword since Ushio's death and is too broken to even feel sad anymore but plays in Akio's band, who Kyou goes to watch.
Then Sanae tries to set the two of them up since technically Tomoya's her son and she wants him to be happy, and sees Kyou is still in love with him.