Chainsaw Man

>Makes a 10/10 mascot design with a nice personality
>Kills him in the first chapter and never appears again
I miss him so much bros. He was the best

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how does he talk if he has no mouth

Before fujos try to post here, friendly reminder that your favorite male characters are canon straight.

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Asa is the best protagonist in jump currently

What kind of name is Blicky?

We hate Asa here

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angelsisters we're leaving

Is it actually confirmed to have only 12 episodes?

Fuck you we love Denji's girlfriend, Asa


No, we love Asa here.

No, don't hear him

>Officialy confirmed
No (yet)
>A very reliable chinese leaker said that effectively it will be a single cour

Why the fuck there's CGI in this if it's 1 cour?

One word: CRAPPA

Fact: the success of csm and whether it is remembered as a masterpiece is dependent solely on the soundtrack. A good soundtrack with a mixture of original and classical music will make or break the show

This! Aki is straight!

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Can we get rid of Retardji and bring back Asa again ?

This but unironically. The question is, how much does the OP / ED song allocate to that?

>Aki is straight
For Makima, yeah

this was answered before the anime was even announced

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Why are they at Monsters Inc?

>12 episodes after waiting for 2 years
>bi-weekly manga after a 2 year hiatus

Why are they trying so hard to kill the franchise?

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I 100% believe that too. Who is in charge of the soundtrack? I think shiro sagisu, for example, was the deciding factor in eva being groundbreaking and if mappa skipped on hiring someone similar the anime is dead in the water

>Why do they have to use CGI for a complicated and highly detailed chainsaw head and constantly moving chainsaw blades?

Stop being disingenuous, literally no animation studio in the world would animate CSM with only 2d animation

He'll be back... with power ups!!

Hacksimoto, basically.

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My wife is so fucking CUTE

I will correct every fujo here

what happened to his opening fanfic, it was taken down? i can't find it

The devilman / ping pong guy, so we are definitely backed in that front

Buy the Akihime doujin

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how do I get my gf yoru to stop calling me at 3 in the morning to ramble about chainsaw man