Is it possible to drink this much?

Is it possible to drink this much?

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For an experienced alcoholic, yes.


The trick isn't in how much you drink, but in how little you clean up. Also yes.

For some of us it's hard to not drink that much....

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Hell yeah it is

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If I had to live with shinji I'd drink more, but at least I'd have asuka with me

I do it regularly.

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I could easily drink Misato under the table

Drunk elf bitches fuck easy

why isn't she fat?

She fucks

so do fat people

Anime girl calorie immunity.

Wait for her metabolism to crap out in a few years.

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Yes. Surviving is another thing all together.

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I’ve had eight since 2pm

However, I don’t make the face and refreshing gulp gulp AHHHHHH

you should try it. its fun

>Is it possible to drink this much?
no, sake is a strong liquor and 2 bottles are enough to give you alcohol poisoning or puke like a hose. Misato likely isn't a binge drinker

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All those beer farts waiting to get out my god hold on for dear life

Not even close to true you massive pussy

A stressful job helps.

She's only seen pounding down the beers, though, right? That shit's baby time no matter what if you're used to alcohol, you just piss it out too fast for it to do anything.