The Medalist

This will progress to her teens right?

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Will they fuck?

Glad Tanjiro is still getting work

Usagi drop?

I wish this gets an anime. So many adorable daughters

On the scale of uuuoooooOOOOOOOHHHHHHHH where would you put this?

At the very highest end without being explicitly aimed at lolicons

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>female mangaka
Yeah, I think they're ending together.

Who knows

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Maybe Main Girl and glasses kid who is the son of the silver medalist?

Best girl
Best rival

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Jap has Hanyuu as the male star. Do they have a female star too?

That's a cat.

Tango vibes.

Best cat too

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Young mangaka or veteran?

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You lied

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I wonder if her first period will ruin a performance

It can only usher in a new era!

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