Fat ass

Fat ass.

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man ass

Manki is cute, Jogo improved her.

Her ass isn't fat. It's all muscle.
Even her boobs are muscle.

made for nobara

reminder, she didnt give a shit about nobara, probably doesnt even remember her name

Nobara isn't Maki's type.
By which I mean, Nobara isn't related to Maki.

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I mean, Toji had fat tits, and he was a man. Makes sense the Zen'in females are stacked, too.

The obvious conclusion is megumi's mom had NO tits, and he got her genes on that front

wincest is canon

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Toji does not have fat tits.

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why are all the girls in this series so ugly?

I think they look great but the issue is that everyone is fixated on these ugly ass guys

Uro is cool and has a grudge against Yuta

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majin bu looking shit
the most basic bitch you can get

To be clear, this post has no relation to this post I wanted to post about Uro before I read it

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because I fucking love this take on air powers. It looks great and Gege will use her again because of it.

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>jjkfags so starved for pussy they turn to shit like this
it's sad really


Is she actually dead?

Go ahead seethe about it.

If you're talking about Op's Pic, sadly no

Ok but why are they so ugly?