Fairy Tail

Wtf man, I didn't know this shit was going to be so sad, the episode was so fun at the beginning

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made it to GMG. I love Virgo

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I just finished OraciĆ³n Seis arc, but I agree, she and Aquarius are amazing

It's bittersweet, Wendy found a new home.

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I won't spoil anything further than your pic related, but for me FT does the emotional moments really well. If I had to try explain why I think it's because of the more lighthearted tone of the series, becoming accustomed to seeing the characters upbeat and joyful draws a real contrast to when the tragic moments strike - it makes it a genuine kick in the guts.

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First time?

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imagine the sex

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>I love Virgo
She's the whole reason they lost the time they had to train and got that bullshit asspull "second origin" for free.

Love knowing my wives are there for each other

I don't have to imagine. Me and Wendy have sex every night when Sherria lets me

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Lmao I loved their reaction when she got into the guild, I hope Laxus comes back so FT can have 4 Dragon Slayers, maybe Cobra too why not

Agree, you get so used to them just fooling around that anything out of the norm gets to you

Yep, I tried watching it a few years ago, but I was really into a few other series so I dropped it, but a few years later here am I looking for some comfy random adventure and FT is really feeling that hole right now

Oh no, I don't want to look at Wendy like that yet, she's so cute

I'm really getting a sibling energy between them and Natsu~Wendy, love that

I hate Carla though. Mystogan (Jellal 2.0) is my favorite character right now

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Erza... my wife... so sex...

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she's growing user, you'll have no choice but to accept her erotic body

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>Oh no, I don't want to look at Wendy like that yet, she's so cute
Why are you gay?
Wendy is the most sexual girl in FT


I don't blame you, she's a bit of a cunt at the beggining

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Enjoy. Mystogan's a cool guy.

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She's my wife

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Yes? She's not the only one.

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If you're me, yeah.


>Still flat

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flat is prime

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Impeccable taste.

Best spirit

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I need to have sex with Wendy Marvel or I will personally kill a lot of people.
I say this again for emphasis: I will become a dangerous threat to society if I don't get to make love to Wendy Marvel.

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