There are TOO MANY texts in recent One Piece chapter. Is ODA rushing?

There are TOO MANY texts in recent One Piece chapter. Is ODA rushing?

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Like 90% of spreads since Marineford look like that and most of the spreads that don't are from Fishman Island

Good. I don't want to still be reading this weekly when I'm in my late 30s, this is the only way.

Forgot the text, the art alone is just awful to look at. Everything is so cramped full with details and noisy background

This is pre-ts with way more text. You're losing your grip on reality by trying to force criticisms.

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>This is pre-ts
It's not though

>6 chapters before the timeskip happened


Why was this chapter so "off"?

First time reading Nu-Piece?

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And the layout is still better
Because it had a breakneck pace

the absolute state of warm piss

you don’t want wall of text? read bleach, it also doesn’t have a background

Posting more pre-ts examples with more text than the double spread you posted.

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Because it was markedly more enjoyable then the average Wano chapter

What killed the hype?

Damn still absolutely mogs Show me 5 spreads pre-ts that have panels above, below and on either of the sides btw

Timeskip happens in 597, the chapter you're quoting is 593.

A combination of Rush Piece and Offscreened Piece.

this is a joke right

Why are OPfags so afraid of reading? Because you tried to meme HxH being too wordy and now you can’t backtrack without appearing as petulant contrarian children? I guess that makes sense


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Because Oda is rehashing Naruto shit now, yep he finally stoop this low. Nika chosen one bullshit was the first big redflag

Only because it's the colored version. The art and composition in both pages look the same

This one is a single page and still has more text than OP's pic.

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Damn, even pre timeskip one piece looked ugl-
>checks chapter number
>literally 3 chapters before the TS

It's worth noting that a lot of these are during infodumps away from the Straw Hats.
Just like the current chapter.
It's almost like Oda has always tried to cram as much stuff into these chapters so we can get back to the main cast.

>I can quit anytime

>He was in-fact not able to quit anytime

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>composition looks the same

No it doesn't. OP has 3 rows of minor panels surrounding the main panel, both examples only have 2 rows

I'm 5 steps ahead of you, I know all of your slimy tactics.

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seek help

>Water-water candy
Did he just lick a condom and call it candy?

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meds now