Was older anime any good?

Was older anime any good?

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Besides, if you're posting that image you know the answer

Is this your way of asking for reccs without getting in trouble for asking for reccs?


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What do you mean by good?
Do you mean that people only talk about the old shows which have withstood the test of time? Yes obviously, people don't like watching bad shows.
Do you mean that a higher volume of good shows was being made then and that fewer good shows are being made now? It's the opposite really, you are simply experiencing a selection bias because you keep watching bad shows that haven't withstood the test of time.

Maybe OP just wanted ecchi screencaps from older anime?

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I do feel like the splintering of studios and the sheer volume of anime today does kinda lead to a lower standard of your generic TV anime. As well, you look through the late 80s and 90s and there is at least one good show per year amongst the trash. I'm not sure the same thing can be said for the 2020s.

Most things are simply trash, much more anime is being made now meaning that you get more good anime. It's simply science.
>you look through the late 80s and 90s and there is at least one good show per year
There really isn't.

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I get that there is a higher volume at the moment, but the state of the industry has changed, as it has changed throughout the history of anime. There were fundamentally different incentive structures in the 60s than in the 80s than in the 90s than today. To be fair, I do think we are seeing a bit of a golden era for manga and webcomics, which are more individual and can get around that. As well, some studios have semi-consistent runs of good stuff.

The overall percentage of (worth watching):(totally skippable) has not changed substantially.

When you get 14 anime a year compared to 200 per year that change is simply for the better. And yes I did actually count.

>more water flowing through the pipe means more of it is good

>no really I liked it better when the only "good" show of the year was a robot toy commercial followed by the only "good" show of the next year being the garbage show Nadia.

Aika was underwhelming

its just an inherently flawed argument, more output=more quality

Nadia isn't bad tho.....without the filler

>nuh uh
Yeah huh

There are many good older anime, many of which you will never hear about because they didn't catch on at the time of their release, or were just never officially localized. So dig around, you'll be pleasantly surprised if you don't limit yourself to popular shows.

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Generally speaking, no. There were typically less than 6 series worth watching in a given year. There is more vapid trash produced nowadays and the good content is a smaller share, but there is more good content overall.

80s basically took everything tried in the 70s and perfected it consistently. 90s went balls to the wall and shat out either the worst stuff I've ever seen or some of the best classics. 2000s was the golden age. 2010s had a few good ones here and there but mostly bland with slight improvement to animation. Modern 2020s has a good chance to either beat the 2000s or at least be comparable given the sheer scale of content being pumped out with animation being at it's most refined so far. The main issue is the modern plague of streaming services and the fact we are probably headed down the ww3 timeline.

>2000s was the golden age.
Nigga? 2000s had some good stuff, but it was the start of the decline.

>we are probably headed down the ww3 timeline.